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Tryout Procedures

Prior to Arriving at Practice Location

Before leaving the house check for:

1.     Health and Safety equipment such as:

·      Gloves 
·      Face Masks 
·      Wipes to sanitize the cones and other equipment. (In case of not having wipes then a spray bottle with the sanitizing liquid inside)
·      Tissues
·      Plastic bag to put the tissues in in case you used them to sanitize the equipment
·      Check soccer equipment is sanitized before leaving home

2.     Select, read and understand the age appropriate Training Session Plan that you are going to use to access our Physical Distancing Training Sessions

3.     Do not allow players or parents to congregate in parking lots, at drop off zones, facility entrances/exits before or after a training session.

On Arrival at the Practice Location

1.     Set up each grid keeping the Physical/Social Distancing guidelines between grids, according to the selected Training Session Plan.

2.     Be ready to greet the players and assign him/her their respective grid

3.     Understand some parents/guardians may require their child to wear a face covering. If so, it should be a face covering which attaches around the ears so as not to cause any injury if accidentally tugged or pulled on. No around the head or neck face coverings permitted during play.

Players Arrival at Practice
 or Tryout

1.     Players should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the start of the training session. If they arrive any earlier, they must stay in the car with the parent.

2.     Greet the player and inquire how he/she is feeling that day. If the players tells you that is not feeling good send the player home

3.     No handshakes, high 5’s, fist or elbow bumps as means of greeting. No physical greetings between player and coach or player and player

4.     Create a designated player equipment area next to their grid and away from the side line and parents

5.     Assign the players to their respective grids

6.     Have a player equipment check to see if they have all the required equipment as per health and safety guidelines:

·      Soccer Ball
·      Water Bottle
·      Shin Guards
·      Hand Sanitizer
·      Face Mask
·      Gloves
·      Also, please bring a dark and light shirt in order not to use bibs/pinnies

7.     Continue to ensure the health and safety of the players

During Practice or Tryout Session

1.     Throughout the practice or tryout, during breaks for water encourage proper hygiene, washing hands frequently with soap and water or hand sanitizer, for at least 20 seconds at a time. Use alcohol based hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol). Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or sleeves, do not use your hands. Do not touch your face (eyes, nose, mouth with unwashed hands). Follow all state and local health protocols.

2.     The coach is the only person who can touch any cones and equipment. If you are getting a soccer ball for a player just kick it to him/her do not touch it with your hands. If you do touch it, please sanitize it before giving it back to the player.

3.     Wear a face covering, when not providing coaching feedback/information and abide by the physical/social distance requirements from players and parents.

4.     In the case the coach has to touch a player due to injury, put on gloves. After treatment of the injury place the discarded gloves in a Ziploc bag for disposal after practice.

5.     Maintain physical distance from the players as per the health and safety guidelines

6.     Players cannot share t-shirts, pinnies, shin guards and any other personal equipment with another player.

7.     Do not allow them to share any team snacks

Practice or Tryout Dismissal

1.     Thank the players for their attendance and praise them for their efforts

2.     Inquire about their well-being and ask what they enjoyed about the training session

3.     Monitor players as they are exiting the playing area in order to ensure social distancing is adhered to and that PPE is being worn

4.     Remind the players to clean and disinfect their own equipment when they arrive home

5.     Ensured that each player is picked up by their parent/guardian

6.     Ensure that social distancing is maintained while waiting for their parent to arrive

7.     Coach picks up cones and other equipment and disinfect with either wipes or spray

8.     Be the last to leave the practice area

9.     All waste should be placed by the respective parent, player, coach and spectator in the trash receptacle. Nothing should be picked up by anybody other than the originator of the waste.

10. Do not allow players or parents to congregate in parking lots, at drop off zones, facility entrances/exits before or after a training session.

Post Practice

1.     Clean and disinfect all equipment.

2.     Launder any and all clothing worn during the practice session.

3.     Communicate with parents and request that you are alerted if any players may have been in contact with COVID-19

4.     Reflect on the players performance

5.     Reflect on your performance

6.     Plan for the next practice session.


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